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Here at Abbfabb Academy, we believe in delivering high standard tuition and support for different dog grooming courses, to enable our students to be able to run a commercial dog grooming business or dog grooming salon.

We do not just tutor you to pass the dog grooming courses because this in itself isn’t enough to be able to offer a fully comprehensive service to your clients.

As one of the UK’s highly qualified dog stylists, Eve Somers has many years of experience as a commercial dog groomer, a teacher, an examiner for most grooming qualifications, a competition judge and a show dog breeder and exhibitor.

Her knowledge and experience in dog grooming industry have been invaluable in building the reputation of Abbfabb Academy as one of the best dog grooming schools you will find.

Due to the change on September 1st, 2017 to the City and Guilds qualifications, the compulsory guided learning hours have substantially increased so we now offer a 50-day dog grooming course as our standard course duration.

We deliver City and Guilds qualifications because traditionally, the City and Guilds logos are generally the most easily recognised.

These are the dog grooming courses offered at Abbfabb Academy.

The City and Guilds Level 2 Certificate for Grooming Assistants - Dog Grooming Training Courses

This trains and qualifies you in the bathing and preparation skills (qualification number 7763-02). Please visit the Level 2 course page here.

The City and Guilds Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming

This trains and qualifies you in the industry standard trimming and styling skills and techniques for different breeds of dog with the aim of preparing you for a career as a commercial dog groomer. (qualification number 7863-03).

All candidates receive the relevant Abbfabb Certificate on successful completion of the chosen dog grooming courses.

Today’s clients have high expectations of their pet’s groomer and here at Abbfabb Academy, we believe that the modern professional dog groomer needs to be highly trained and have a thorough understanding of the work they do.

Dog grooming is hard work but very rewarding. We are fully committed to our students, and in order to succeed, all students will need to be equally dedicated. Being a good learner is as important as having excellent tuition.

All practical assessments associated with the dog grooming courses are carried out in the grooming school by an Abbfabb approved assessor.

There will also be an opportunity to attend an emergency first-aid for dog groomers, delivered by one of the veterinary nurses from the vets who are our neighbours.

Our Dog Grooming Courses Schedule

We build our dog grooming training courses are scheduled to suit the individual student. We always try to offer as much flexibility as possible because people have commitments which often have to be worked into all courses. So with this in mind, we don’t have specific start and end dates.

Unless you’re travelling from abroad, or a long distance, we recommend that you train for a maximum of three days a week. This will allow you to absorb all you have learned, and to complete your open learning work.

Most students have other commitments such as part-time work and families, so training between one and three days a week will allow enough time for everything, including rest! All the dog grooming courses are designed, taking this into account.

If you are from overseas or from a considerable distance from us, we strongly recommend that you plan for a break in your training to allow yourself to rest.

The longest course is taught over 12 weeks, so if you’re travelling from a long distance, you should plan for a stay of 14 weeks to allow for rest weeks.

Dog Grooming Tools

All students will receive a dog grooming kit including clippers, blades, Abbfabb Scissors, brush, comb, nail clippers and attachment combs, which is included the fees and is an integral part in the successful completion of the dog grooming courses.

Please click on the various dog grooming courses to find out more and send us an email from the contact page for further details on fees and start dates.

Dog Grooming Courses - General Information

Fees include a grooming kit appropriate for your chosen course.
The 10-day course kit contains nail clippers, a brush and comb, and a pair of small blending scissors.

The 20, 35 and 50-day courses have kits which include clippers, the blades appropriate for your course, a set of Abbfabb Scissors, a brush, comb, nail clippers and attachment combs. You will also receive a set of Abbfabb Training DVDs, again, appropriate to the course you’re taking. Where you have chosen a City and Guilds course, the fees include qualification registration with the National Pet College…

No experience is necessary to join us….just the determination to work hard and be prepared to learn. Dog grooming isn’t a glamorous job, so be ready to get dirty, sweat a lot and get tired… however, the rewards are enormous.

We build our training schedules to suit the individual student…..we always try to offer as much flexibility as possible because people have commitments which often have to be worked into a training course plan.

So there are no set start dates and training days…..Many of our students train part-time, and several come to us either one day per week and/or use their holiday entitlement. If you wanted to join us, I would work out a training plan to suit your circumstances. We are open Tuesdays to Fridays and every other Saturday. The days run from approximately 9 am to 4 pm. We recommend training for two days a week to enable you to get the best from each training day. This also allows you to retain a part-time job if you have one and to be able to care for children or fulfil other commitments if you have them. You will have a comprehensive programme of home study to complete, so setting a steady pace for your training course makes it more achievable.

We close for training for most of the school holiday periods.

To facilitate the maximum accessibility to our training courses, we don’t have specific start and end dates. As I said above, we try to tailor a training course around the life circumstances of the individual student.

COVID-19 and beyond.

We have gone to extensive lengths to make our training environment Covid secure. We will continue to train unless we are legally required to close by the government in the event of any further periods of lockdown… All students are required to adhere to our Covid 19 risk assessment, which is updated when necessary to comply with current guidelines.

As part of our Covid security measures, we are not currently having taster days for prospective students. Instead, we are meeting people that are interested in training with us individually at the end of our working day. You can see the salon and ask any questions you may have about the training courses. If you would like to arrange this, or if you need further information, please feel free to email us

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